Tips from Angie's List: Getting the best lawn care for your green

Many signs show how well your lawn company works

INDIANAPOLIS - Seeding, watering, mowing -- you know the drill -- but there's more to a lush green lawn than meets the eye, say the experts from Angie's List.

"You want to be sure you have a good company that knows what they are doing," said Angie Hicks, of Angie's List.

But how do you know the company you hired is actually doing the work? First, look for little flags in your yard.

Next, check for fertilizer granules.

"Fertilizer granules colors are usually white or yellow, sometimes they can be a purple or aqua color, but typically white or yellow are the ones you are going to see usually," said Marcus Hoone, a lawn care contractor.

You'll notice the spreader tracks in the grass, and after a week you should notice curled up, dying weeds.

"A beautiful lawn is not made overnight so you want to establish a relationship with a reputable company," Hicks said.

Yellow or brown spots in your lawn could indicate over-fertilizing.

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