BBB sends warning about snow removal service scams

Greg Bellan received a letter in his mailbox from a snow plow service offering to clear his driveway all winter for $250. So, he called the Snow Plow Guys about the offer.
"The company came out a couple of times, and then when the snow got really bad, they stopped showing up."
That was in 2008.
"Eventually, I had to plow my driveway myself because I had an eight-month pregnant wife and if we needed to go, we needed to go," Bellen explained.
Bellan never saw The Snow Plow Guys or his money again that winter, and he ended up filing a complaint against the business.
David Weiss, with the Better Business Bureau serving Cleveland, said The Snow Plow Guys have changed their name, now operating as Empire Snow Removal. The company has been given an "F" rating by the BBB.
"We've gotten 13 complaints in the past few years. Eight over the last year. All the complaints allege the company provided no services or took money and provided incomplete or inadequate service," Weiss said.
"I don't want to ruin someone's business necessarily, I just want people to know who they are dealing with," Bellen said.

Calls to the company's owner for comment were not returned.

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