Angry parents say J.C. Penney ad promotes bullying

NEW YORK - J.C. Penney is being criticized for a "back-to-school" ad that shoppers say promotes bullying and puts pressure on families.

CNNMoney reports that the ad features a group of children with voice-over from a mom who has to buy clothes for her son's upcoming school year. She says, "This stuff can make or break your entire year." The narration airs over a shot with a pre-teen boy sheepishly looking around as he sits alone at a school lunch table.

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According to CNNMoney, dozens of parents have taken to J.C. Penney's Facebook page to say that the commercial promotes bullying, because it shows a child sitting alone based on the clothes he is wearing.

"Every day kids are made fun of [for] what they do or do not have...and your ad has just added one more thing that a child can be bullied about," JoAnn Robertson posted.

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