Discount pharmacy cards: Worth it?

With health insurers and employers making changes as a result of the Affordable Care Act, many of us are receiving letters in the mail about changes in health coverage.

So if you find a new health discount card you may think its part of the program.

But we have an important warning before you sign your name.

Unsolicited cards in mail

Christine Ross recently opened up her mailbox to find two discount pharmacy card from the "National Prescription Discount Network."

"All of a sudden I get what looks like prescription cards," Ross said. "And it says you've been pre-approved."

They claimed they could save her up to 75 percent on prescriptions at Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, and other pharmacies.

She wondered if it was part of the Affordable Care Act.

"It starts talking about all the things the new health care is supposed to do for people," she said. "And I said well that sounds very nice, but something felt fishy about it."

The Los Angeles Times recently investigated the card and said it is legitimate.

The card's parent company, Script Relief,  is a marketing firm with a "C plus" rating from the BBB.

Script relief explains in its promotional materials it is paid by drug companies when its cards are used.

What should you do?

So should you join? Maybe. The website recently tested a half discount drug cards, including ones from Costco and AA.

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