Petition demands more changes to Tide Pods laundry packets

Don't Waste Your Money

Tide Pods are under fire....again.

A petition on the website is asking Procter & Gamble to change the individual laundry packets yet again, to make them less appealing to toddlers, who can mistake them for candy.

The petition was started by a Chicago grandmother who says her 15 month old grandson recently bit into a Tide Pod, and nearly died.  He went into respiratory distress, she says, and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

It says more than 5,000 young children have become ill from eating or chewing on the packets, which contain a strong, concentrated form of detergent.

P&G Has Already Changed Package

Back in July, P&G announced it would change the large plastic container that Tide Pods are sold in, to make it much more difficult for a child to open it up.

In addition, the company has added new warning labels to keep the container away from places where children can reach.

But the petition says if the Pods are out of the container, all bets are off when young children are in the laundry room.

Individual Packets?

The petition asks P&G to add a layer of protection around each Pod, essentially sealing each individual one in childproof plastic wrapper.

An adult would have to rip open the wrapper to put the pod in the wash.

P&G is not yet commenting on the petition, or the request to individually wrap each pod. We will update this report as soon as we hear from the company.

As always, don't waste your money.


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