Nordstrom (JWN) website offers 50-75% discount

Highbrow retailer offers deep discounts

Nordstrom is advertising a website that it has quietly offered for more than a year, offering deep discounts on fashion.

The online retailer is called Hautelook. ( )

It is similar to the Nordstrom Rack in that it offers marked down, clearance and daily deals at discounts of up to 75 percent off original prices.
Users report finding great deals, but there are some cautions you need to know about.

Know About the Catches

Before you join, it's important to understand:
       -You have to first become a member to shop Hautelook. You can't just browse for deals anonymously.

       -While it is owned by Nordstrom, many shoppers say don't expect Nordstrom style customer service. Complaint forums are filled with complaints about difficult service, something you never see with Nordstrom's main store or website.

        -You have to pay a $6 shipping fee for many returns, and some items, such as from "blowout sales," are non returnable.

        -And it goes without saying that you can't return anything you bought there to a Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store.

Still, if you're willing to deal with those drawbacks, members say you can find some great deals on dresses, shoes, even men's wear.

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