'Pool Ladies' Rejoice In Splash-Saving Victory

Women Get National Attention For Crusade

Memorial Day is the traditional kickoff to summer pool season, and three women in Alexandria have reason to be especially elated.

When they heard the Alexandria pool may have to close for the summer because the city couldn't pay for more than $50,000 in repairs, they stepped up, 6News' Sarah Cornell reported.

Clad in a bathing suit and decorated swim cap, Vanessa Hosier said she's glad to be called a pool lady. She and two other women spent the last two months in a successful fundraising effort.

"If you want to be inspired by a community, you need to come to Alexandria," Hosier said.

Donations poured in to the pool ladies for weeks on end, until they had enough to cover most of the repair cost.

"This is really what there is for kids to do in this small community and a lot of small communities like ours," said Cheri Brown, another of the pool ladies.

In March, when the city decided to shutter the pool without an influx of cash, the pool ladies began their mission.

"They have not stepped back. Every time we go to the mailbox, it may be $20. It may be $100," Hosier said. "Something's there, and that's what's getting us there."

With the goal reached, repairs are in full swing. A new liner will be installed soon. Cracks were causing the pool to lose so much water that more had to be pumped in each day.

Soon, the community will enjoy itself in a swimming pool that it helped save because three ladies wouldn't take no for an answer.

The pool ladies' efforts have garnered national attention. USA Today is running an article on their efforts next week.

The pool ladies hope to raise another $5,000. The pool is set to open on June 6.