Bikers Show Solidarity In Bisard Investigation Protest

Hundreds Pack Monument Circle For Hastily Planned Rally

Hundreds of people packed Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis Friday night to protest the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department's botched investigation of one of its own.

A thunderous roar of motorcycle engines permeated the air as bikers showed support for three of their own, those killed and injured when Officer David Bisard struck them while he was on duty and intoxicated, authorities said.


The rally was planned and executed within about 36 hours, coming together a day after friends of the victims learned that alcohol charges against Bisard were dropped because police didn't correctly handle the investigation, 6News' Ericka Flye reported.

Messages sent through Facebook and e-mail quickly circulated, leading to the hastily organized rally.

"It's not cool. It's not fair," said attendee Jay Cook, echoing the sentiment of others at the rally. "If it had been me, they'd have thrown me underneath the jail."

Eric Wells, 30, died in the crash that also injured Mary Mills, 47, and Kurt Weekly, 44.

Several people at the rally said they believe the investigation was tainted from the beginning, believing that officers who responded to the crash scene lied when they said they had no idea Bisard had been drinking and that proper procedure wasn't followed in obtaining the blood draw on purpose.

"Officers protecting their own, that's it," Cook said.

"They took (Bisard) to a place they knew wasn't registered," said Gary Kohler. "They knew what they were doing."

Protesters chanted, signed petitions and carried signs expressing discontent.

"Guy gets hit and killed, it kind of touches us," said James Larkins. "We feel like we need to come down here and support the whole cause."

Those at the rally said they hope their show of solidarity will help spark change.

"I'm not against the police force or nothing like that. Just because one guy messes up, that don't mean the whole force is wrong," said Tony Warren. "Wear a badge or not wear a badge, I think everybody should be treated equal."

Indianapolis police patrolled the peaceful rally. Some protesters talked directly with officers about their concerns.