Survivors, city officials react to Bisard verdict

Survivors say justice served

A jury found suspended Indianapolis police Officer David Bisard guilty on all counts Tuesday afternoon and the case has sparked reaction from victims, city officials and across social media.

Victims react

The father of the man killed in 2010 when Indianapolis police Officer David Bisard drove his patrol car into two stopped motorcycles says justice has been served with the officer's convictions on drunken driving and reckless homicide charges.

Aaron Wells says his son, Eric, is gone forever, but he hopes Bisard "will receive the help that he needs, that he never again hurts or takes another innocent life."

Mary Mills and her husband, Kurt Weekly, both were badly injured in the crash. She says all they asked for was justice and she feel as if they finally got it Tuesday.

Mills says she just received disability retirement and Weekly struggles with short-term memory. She says it's a different life for them now and things are very difficult for them sometimes

The Wells family celebrated the fact that they only have one more hearing to attend. Bisard’s sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 26.

Officials react

"Obviously you can't replace the loss of a human life and there are some injuries and people who are struggling every day because of this and so our thoughts and prayers remain with them. I will say that because of this verdict I think maybe the healing can begin. Not only in this city, but within IMPD," Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said.

"This is another step in a tragic event that has affected many lives and our city. We ask for our community's continued support of our police officers while they continue to diligently serve our city and keep us safe," officials with the Fraternal Order of Police said.

"Today’s verdict undoubtedly provides a sense of justice and closure to this sad ordeal. I pray the many people whose lives were impacted by this episode find peace moving forward and our city and its police department never forget the lessons to be gleaned from it," Mayor Greg  Ballard said.

"I like to think we've turned a corner and bettered the department with new policies. We have one of the toughest alcohol policies in the country. I think the men and women have continued to work hard in spite of all they've heard about this case they've never taken a day off," IMPD Chief Rick Hite said.

"We take no pleasure in prosecuting a police officer, and it certainly should never be suggested that Officer Bisard is an evil person. However, all of us – whether a police officer, attorney, teacher, or otherwise – must accept responsibility for our actions. The message of the jury’s verdict is that Officer Bisard must accept such responsibility and be held accountable for his actions on that day," Prosecutor Terry Curry said.

Social media reacts



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