2 expelled after 'bomb' map found of their high school

School: No credible threat

INDIANAPOLIS - Two high school students have been expelled after a map of their school with mentions of "bomb" was found on their school bus.

Police said the discovery prompted a search of Southport High School on Banta Road in Perry Township, as well as searches of two students' homes, but nothing was found.

It started as a school bus was taking two boys, ages 14 and 17, home from school on Feb. 5. Their bus driver told police one of the boys handed her a map of Southport High School, with several specific locations of the school circled with the word "bomb" written at each of the circles.

A line was drawn between the circles and the word "bomb" at each of the entries, police wrote in their report.

Indianapolis Metro Police Department bomb squad officers then arrived at both boys' homes after they were dropped off, but police said nothing was found.  

Police also searched the specific areas of the school that were circled on the map, but nothing was found there either.

Paula Clegg, a spokeswoman for Metropolitan School District of Perry Township , told the Call 6 Investigators that the campus was not evacuated and no alert was sent to parents because no credible threat was found after last week's discovery.

Police said prosecutors told them that no crime was committed to warrant criminal charges, but Clegg said the map was considered a threat that violated school policies. She said both students were expelled.

Police said parents or guardians allowed them to search both boys' homes and no bomb-making material or any other suspicious items were found.

Clegg said the district was considering sending a note to parents due to news coverage of the discovery.

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