Bars, taxis swept in Broad Ripple

Code enforcement, police conduct sweep

INDIANAPOLIS - A few problems were uncovered in a surprise sweep of bars and cabs in Broad Ripple.

In some cases, businesses had improved from previous inspects, but others found themselves at odds with city laws.

No underage customers were found in the bars, but two people were ticketed for trying to get into New Paradise as police and code enforcement inspectors were there.

"If it's a retail tobacco shop where they can go in and buy the tobacco and walk out, obviously it's 18 years old," said Indianapolis police Sgt. William Carter.

There was a long line of taxi cabs awaiting inspection.

"There's guidelines set. Those guidelines are there for specific reason, to keep people safe, to keep things on the up and up," said Adam Baker, of the Department of Code Enforcement. 

At least 55 cabs were examined. A few drivers were found without a taxi license in their possession, and a couple of cars were found with metering issues that could lead to customers being overcharged.

"We've seen that in the past where maybe a taxi has gotten in and set the meter a little faster," Baker said. "Citizens are paying more than the door says, and they don't realize that. It could be a greater amount than it needs to be." 

One taxi was found with locks that would prevent people from exiting. The driver of that taxi was forced to make repairs on the spot.

All cabs that were cited will be inspected again this week before they can return to the road.

A detailed report on the number of violations is expected to be released Tuesday.

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