Classroom trashed, student stabbed in elementary school outburst

District: Staff followed protocol during rampage

INDIANAPOLIS - A student with "behavioral issues" has been arrested and suspended after stabbing a fellow student and then shattering glass and computers in his classroom at Garfield Elementary School #31 on the south side of Indianapolis.

Police tallied several thousand dollars' worth of damage as several computers were thrown to the ground, along with scanners and other classroom equipment. 

Police said the classroom was littered with overturned desks, scattered papers, shattered glass and computer equipment when they arrived after Wednesday afternoon's outburst.

School leaders told police it started when a 13-year-old with "behavioral issues" stabbed a fellow student in the leg with a pencil.

When his teacher confronted him, he became "very agitated" and started yelling that he did not do anything wrong, the police report said.

Police said the teacher and an instructional aide followed protocol for such an outburst and quickly got out of the classroom.

John Althardt, a spokesman for Indianapolis Public Schools, told the Call 6 Investigators that staff followed the individualized education plan for the troubled student, adding that staff is "well schooled" on how to react when outbursts happen.

He said the student who was stabbed with the pencil did not require medical attention.  

"We're grateful for that," Althardt said.

Several police officers struggled with the child until he was eventually handcuffed to a chair in the damaged classroom.

The child was taken to juvenile detention, charged with three crimes, including criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and battery with injury.

Officers reported that the child was being suspended, pending expulsion.  

Althardt said the child was a relatively new student at the school.

In the police report, officers listed two different computers valued at $1,082 each being destroyed, along with a $120 Canon scanner and a $1,125 Dell laptop computer.

After teachers left the room during the outburst, they reported to police that the child was seen picking up pieces of glass from the floor and attempting to cut himself. Police were able to subdue him before he was injured.

Officers said he was punching and spitting on them as he was being arrested.

None of the officers or teachers was injured in the attack.

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