Clerk-Treasurer angry no charges filed against predecessor

Auditors say Hall owes taxpayers $8,778.11

ELIZABETH, Ind. - The Clerk-Treasurer of the town of Elizabeth is calling on the prosecutor to file charges against the former Clerk-Treasurer, Adrian Hall.

According to an audit just released from the State Board of Accounts, former Clerk-Treasurer Adrian Hall misappropriated thousands of tax dollars, and used taxpayer money for personal expenses.

Auditors say Hall owes taxpayers $8,778.11.

In the 43-page scathing audit, auditors said Hall claimed mileage reimbursement for trips to Daleville he never took as well as an Indiana League of Municipal Cities and Towns conference he allegedly never attended.

"Information provided indicates Mr. Hall did not attend the ILMCT conference and therefore was not entitled to be reimbursed for the mileage claimed," read the audit.

The audit also found Hall used taxpayer money to pay for his personal cell phone bill.

Auditors said Hall paid Suzy Bass as a consultant $6,592.50, but a contract for services was never presented to the Town Council for approval.

Current Clerk-Treasurer Hugh Burns told Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney he is upset criminal charges have still not been filed.

Burns said in 2011, he provided Harrison County prosecutor Otto Schalk hundreds of pages of documents showing Hall's misuse of taxpayer money.

"This will go down as the most corrupt town official in the history of this county,” Burns said. "A first year law student could have done something with this."

Burns said the town council tried to impeach him using the court system but were unsuccessful due to mounting legal fees.

Schalk told Kenney his office received the State Board of Accounts audit on Friday, and is currently investigating.

Schalk anticipated the investigation would take two to three weeks before a determination is made on criminal charges against Hall.

The Indiana Attorney General's Office plans to issue a demand letter to Mr. Hall seeking repayment of the total $8,778.11, according to Attorney General spokesman Bryan Corbin.

Auditors also discovered Hall racked up thousands of dollars in penalties, interest and other charges due to improper bookkeeping.

Burns told RTV6 the prosecutor has more than enough information to charge Hall with a crime.

The Call 6 Investigators contacted Schalk in September 2012 following the release of another SBOA audit on the town of Elizabeth, and Schalk said the office was reviewing the documents.

No criminal charges have been filed against Adrian Hall.

As Kenney reported in 2012 , many public officials accused of abusing public funds never face criminal charges.

Click here to read the entire audit.

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