Counterfeit $100 bills probe focuses on security video

Man wanted for questioning in cash investigation

INDIANAPOLIS - Police and business managers said they were hoping security camera video of a unique tattoo will help to stop the spread of phony $100 bills being passed at businesses throughout Indianapolis.

The Call 6 Investigators reported on Tuesday that businesses citywide discovered 30 different bogus $100 bills, all passed in transactions that spanned only a few days. Police said one bank tallied 15 fake $100 bills from businesses over a single weekend.

Two of those bills were passed at Jimmy John’s restaurants in the Glendale Shopping Center on Keystone at 61st Street, as well as the store on Broad Ripple Avenue.  Store managers said the same man passed those bills, with the latest being recorded on security footage on September 29 around 8:30 p.m.

The video, obtained on Wednesday by the Call 6 Investigators, shows a well-dressed man with a black ponytail and unique tattoos on his arm.

The man is seen rolling up his sleeves after passing one of the bills, police were told. The camera then captured a close-up of his tattoo with the word “Perseverance” as he reaches for the sandwich he ordered.

The head of the Indianapolis Secret Service office declined to comment on the pending investigation.

Agents and police were working Wednesday to figure out if the same man is behind other phony bills that were passed at other businesses.

Clerks and managers told the Call 6 Investigators that the counterfeit money was difficult to detect because the $100 value was printed over top of bleached out $1 or $5 bills, which contained raised printing and other security watermarks on the paper.

Several business managers said they had stopped accepting $100 bills due to the recent influx of funny money showing up in their cash registers.

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