Dance hall closed after underage drinking inspections

Few minors found in dance halls during sweep

INDIANAPOLIS - A dance hall was closed early Sunday morning after the Department of Code Enforcement, Indianapolis police and health inspectors conducted an underage drinking sweep.

The sweep came a week after 82 minors were ticketed inside an Indianapolis tavern and pancake house during a 13-year-old's birthday party.

Few minors were found in halls during the latest inspection, but one hall was shut down for other reasons.

Salon Internacional, in the 6800 block of North Michigan Road, was forced to close because it didn't have a working fire alarm system, the fire extinguishers expired two years ago and two doors were locked and blocked, authorities said.

"It's very dangerous if a fire would have started," said Sam Bruner, Pike Township fire marshal. "There's no way of notifying people, except through the PA system, and that's electric."

The problems at the dance hall resembled similar conditions which contributed to deadly incidents around the world.

More than 200 people died in a club fire in Brazil  this past January because there was only one exit.

In Chicago, in 2003, 21 people died in a night club where several doors were blocked.

The enforcement sweep revealed a few underage people using questionable IDs.

Several places inspected were those named in leaflets inside the pancake house during that raid last week.

That location also had a problem with exits in case of an emergency.

"The number of people in a small location. The doors were blocked. If something were to happen, there would be no way to them to get out," said Sgt. William Carter with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Mobile food operations were also targeted during the inspection and two were shut down for violating health regulations.

Several clubs were also ticketed for not providing food, which is required of every establishment that serves liquor.

The number of violations for all of the businesses won't be known until Monday at the earliest.

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