DCS worker booted from jail, fired after romance with inmate

Jailers: She flashed ID for alone time with inmate

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indiana Department of Child Services worker has been fired after deputies said she flashed her official ID badge in order to get some alone time with an inmate.

Marion County jailers filed a report, obtained Thursday by the Call 6 Investigators, claiming the 24-year-old employee presented her official DCS identification badge to gain access to the jail. Jailers said she informed them she was on official business and needed to speak with a 24-year-old male inmate on Aug. 1 before the noon hour.

She was escorted to a meeting room at the Arrestee Processing Center on Market Street, where the inmate was brought out of his cell to meet her.

Jailers wrote in their report that they started seeing the DCS worker touching and holding both hands of the inmate.  “Deputies witnessed the unauthorized physical contact and intervened,” according to the report.

As deputies questioned the DCS worker, she said she knew the inmate from high school. A jail supervisor then contacted DCS and found that she was not on official business at all, and had no authority from her agency to be visiting the jail or that inmate, according to the report.

Marion County court records show the inmate has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2006.  He has been in and out of jail on numerous counts of dealing and possessing marijuana, illegally carrying unlicensed handguns and resisting arrest. The man’s criminal record also shows a 2009 strangulation and battery (assault) arrest.

Before ordering the state worker to leave the jail, deputies said they confiscated her official DCS badge.

DCS spokeswoman Stephanie McFarland told the Call 6 Investigators that the worker was terminated. She was unsure how long the woman had worked at the child protection agency.

No criminal charges were filed in connection with the jailhouse incident.

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