Door-to-door teenage prostitutes working Indy truck stops

Truckers say teens knock on doors selling sex

INDIANAPOLIS - Police have moved in to tackle a growing presence of teenage prostitutes at some truck stops on the south side of Indianapolis.

"I had one knocking on my door the other day that was 13," one trucker told the Call 6 Investigators along South Harding Street at Interstate 465 on Monday afternoon.

Numerous truckers have told Indianapolis police that several teenagers have been going door to door, selling sex from cab to cab as trucks line up for fuel or rest breaks.

"Nothing surprises me anymore. I've seen everything but Big Foot at a truck stop," said Indianapolis truck driver David Howington. "It's getting worse, and I don't expect it to get better."

Police said numerous truckers have been reporting that prostitutes have been knocking on their doors to offer sex at the group of truck stops along South Harding, including one girl who is 14 years old.

Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department human trafficking detail said they tracked down that 14-year-old over the weekend, questioning her at length about her activities at the truck stops.

Police said she denied taking part in the illegal trade, but her older sister was arrested on a trespassing charge.

Officers said 19-year-old Jo D. Kinslow had been arrested for prostitution and drugs in the past. She was booked into jail on a trespassing charge after police said she was unable to explain why she was at a motel near the truck stop off South Harding. She has a court date later this week on her new charge, as well as her prior prostitution charge.

Police said that, even without evidence that her 14-year-old sister was involved in prostitution, they did notify Child Protective Services so that her family and her living conditions could be investigated. Officers also connected her mother with several social service agencies in hopes of keeping the younger child out of trouble.

Howington said the prostitutes have been growing more and more aggressive at the South Harding Street truck stops. He imitated the typical pitch from young women who routinely climb up onto his gas tanks to knock on his window.  

"'I can do this for you, I can do that for you, oh sure don't you want me,' you know. 'You got to have some, I know you're lonely.' Yeah, she's telling me a price and I'm like, 'I don't want none, I want you off my truck,'" he said.

Even after the weekend police activity, camera crews from the Call 6 Investigators spotted several women identified by truckers as regular prostitutes. One woman approached and knocked on a trucker's door within five feet of an RTV6 camera that was set up near a truck's front bumper on Monday afternoon.

That trucker told the woman to get lost, and then he exited his rig and approached the Call 6 Investigators team shaking his head. He asked, "Can you believe that?"

Howington, who's been hauling building materials for 20 years, said, "It wouldn't hurt to have an officer sitting in one of these big trucks parked in here."

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