East-side apartment complex riddled with leaks, unsafe conditions

Police have made 42 calls so far this year

INDIANAPOLIS - Tenants of a dirty and dangerous apartment complex on the city’s east side have reached out to the Call 6 Investigators for help.

The Call 6 Investigators looked into the Warren Harbor apartments in the 9300 block of East 21st Street to expose another out-of-state landlord who many think should be held accountable.

Several units are missing fire extinguishers and there are broken sewer pipes, windows and doors throughout the buildings. In addition to the poor living conditions, police made 92 calls to the apartments last year and have made 42 calls so far this year.

Gene Televito is fed up with the raw sewage, worried about the missing fire extinguishers and is troubled that his neighbor continues to deal with a leak. He said the conditions have been bad for three months.

"We pay our bills here too, and we deserve to live in a place that is livable, somebody has to be able to help us," Televito said.

Residents said the conditions have gotten worse in recent months. Kids even need to be careful with playground equipment that is not safe.

A recent inspection and audit from the Indianapolis Housing Agency demanded that the building's owner, New Jersey-based WK Holdings and Julian Blumenthal, repay more than $22,000.

The agency found the complex was in violation of multiple rules. Officials said the complex receives federal funds which requires the owners to meet minimum housing standards.

"We are always promoting safe, decent, sanitary, affordable housing. This landlord didn’t have the decency to provide any of those things," IHA Executive Director Bud Myers said.

The Call 6 Investigators were still waiting for a response from the owners.

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