Embattled ex-Wayne Township trustee wants job back

David King Baird was voted out of office in 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - Embattled ex-Wayne Township trustee David King Baird has filed paperwork seeking re-election.

Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney did a series of stories about Baird in 2010 about the then-trustee hiring his brother and his girlfriend , code violations and unpaid taxes on his properties , his travel and dining expenses , as well as other expenditures .

Baird was voted out of office in 2010 and Andy Harris, a Republican, currently serves as Wayne Township Trustee.

According to records obtained by Kenney, Baird filed February 4th for the May 6, 2014 primary ballot.

Baird, a Democrat, is running without the support of the Marion County Democratic Party, said Chairman Joel Miller.

In Marion County, both political parties hold slating conventions for candidates to earn their party's endorsement for the primary election.

Slating for the Democrats is scheduled for this Saturday, said Miller, and David King Baird is not eligible to participate.

Miller said Baird participated in the democratic convention in 2011, but ran against the slated candidate, Vop Osili for city-county council.

 “He lost and broke the agreement he signed,” said Miller.

Baird can still run without his party’s support.

 “The top vote-getter wins,” said Angie Nussmeyer, spokesperson for the Marion County Clerk’s Office said in an email to Kenney. “Some candidates participate (in slating); some don't. Some withdraw after slating if they lose; some don't. The Election Board does not manage this process - it's all party driven.”

In 2010, Kenney reported on Baird’s unpaid property taxes and double-dipping on his homestead exemption.

Kenney did some checking Wednesday and found Baird is not currently delinquent on taxes on his four properties in Marion County.

Kenney was unable to reach Baird by phone Wednesday.

Other candidates for Wayne Township trustee include Democrats Renee Pack and Douglas White, and incumbent, Republican Andy Harris.

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