Ex-con sent back to prison after assault on McDonald's co-worker

Parole revoked for Castillo

INDIANAPOLIS - A worker from a south Indianapolis McDonald's restaurant has been sent back to prison for a series of sexual attacks on a co-worker that was first reported by the Call 6 Investigators last week.

The Indiana Department of Corrections confirmed that Hian C. Castillo, 29, of Indianapolis, has been returned to the state prison in Putnamville in response to three sexual assaults that were reported to Indianapolis police.

A 49-year-old woman told police she was sexually groped and fondled on the job during three separate work shifts. She told police that Castillo pressed himself against her as he forced her up against kitchen equipment, leaving her unable to break free.

She told police that she screamed and notified her supervisors after the first attack in early July.  She said it happened a second and third time over the next six days, despite her screaming and telling managers about it each time.  

In one of the assaults, she said her supervisors even rewound security video footage, informing her that they saw the attack on camera.

The woman said she was afraid to return to work, prompting officers to advise calling 911 if she felt threatened at work in the future.

Indianapolis police told the Call 6 Investigators earlier this week that detectives had not yet made any progress on their investigation, but a state prison official said parole officers reacted to the report by immediately revoking Castillo’s parole.

“It was indeed based on this incident,” the prison official wrote in an email.

Castillo had been released early from the Putnamville Correctional Facility on a domestic violence related conviction for criminal recklessness .

He was sentenced to three years behind bars in March of 2012, but he was released to the Liberty Hall halfway house just east of downtown Indianapolis, where he was living during his employment at McDonald's.

The restaurant is owned by a franchisee named Andi Incorporated, where the manager and owners declined to comment.

A spokesman for McDonald's franchise operators issued an email statement:

"Providing a respectful work environment is a priority for all of our employees. We take this matter seriously and are investigating this further.”

Even after learning that Castillo had been sent back to prison, Indianapolis Police headquarters declined to release his mug shot from his past arrests. The department also blocked the Marion County Jail from releasing mug shots from other arrests, which included a drunken driving arrest.

Castillo could still face new charges from the series of sexual assaults, which could bring more prison time if he’s found guilty.

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