Federal charges lodged after camera hidden in children's bathroom

Justin Briggs, 27, plans to plead guilty

INDIANAPOLIS - Federal charges have been lodged against a Noblesville man, months after the Call 6 Investigators reported that he was suspected of planting a hidden camera inside a children's bathroom to record a teenage girl.

Justin Briggs, 27, was arrested shortly after his wife discovered the images from that hidden camera and immediately took them to the Noblesville police station.

Ginger Briggs, who has now filed for divorce, told the Call 6 Investigators that she made the startling discovery when she happened to need her husband's work computer to print something at her family's Noblesville home.

"He was not the person I thought," she said.

"I was angry," she said of her trip to the Noblesville police station.

She said she found 75 photographs and four videos of a local 15-year-old girl, who clearly seemed unaware that a camera was in place. Police wrote in court papers that she was seen undressing and preparing for showers.

Justin Briggs has now been charged with felony counts of possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor. He has filed a notice in U.S. District Court of Indianapolis that he intends to plead guilty in the case on June 20. He could be sentenced to federal prison.

On his Facebook page before his arrest, he posted an entry that was confirmed by his wife, which read, "My kids are my life."

His own children were not included in the photos, the wife said.

Briggs owned a home improvement business known as "Everything Remodeling of Indiana."

When his wife discovered the images, she began receiving text messages from Briggs as he realized he was about to be caught. Those text messages were outlined by police in a search warrant filed in Hamilton County.

Police said he texted, "Please don't do this" and then he referred to himself as a "monster" and said he was sorry.

In another text, police said he wrote, "I've ruined someones life and mine." (sic)

The wife said she has been undergoing counseling since the discovery.

"Once something like this has been crossed, it's hard to go back to your normal. I'm questioning everybody now. I don't trust," she said.

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