Jailhouse interview: Former radio DJ accused of stealing relatives' identities

Kelli Jack-Kelly arrested Monday

RTV6 exclusively interviewed former Indianapolis radio personality Kelli Jack-Kelly, who has been arrested and accused of using the identities of four family members to open credit accounts.

She told us she'd be on her radio show "Indy's I-94" if not for police. She plans to fight the charges.

"My goal right now is to get my name cleared," she said to RTV6's Rafael Sanchez.

Jack-Kelly was taken into custody Monday on a $10,000 bond.

According to court documents, the identity theft began in 2007.

Jack-Kelly faces multiple criminal charges -- four counts of identity deception and eight counts of fraud -- in the case, which will be handled directly by the Indiana Attorney General’s office.

Jack-Kelly's father, Gene Jack, and her mother-in-law, Frances Kelly, are among her alleged victims, officials said.

But she said two people (whom she won't name) are responsible for the financial mess costing her her freedom. 

"I have no doubt charges will be dropped (and) dismissed," Jack-Kelly said.

Documents from a 2-year-long investigation show that in October 2007, Jack-Kelly used her father's personal information to open a business credit card account with Chase, and she had the bill from that card mailed to her then-home on the 8000 Block of Woodfield Crossing.

Investigators say Jack-Kelly used that credit card to get retail goods from Payless ShoeSource and PetSmart, dental services from a Madison County dentist and cellphone service with Sprint.

In 2008, Jack-Kelly is accused of targeting her aunt, Sandra Armagost, and opening another credit card with Chase using Armagost's personal information. 

Jack-Kelly allegedly used  that card to pay her IPL bill and make payments for her business, Lines, Inc. Communication.

In this case, Jack-Kelly allegedly had the bills sent to her current Indianapolis address on the 7000 block of Sea Pea Drive, keeping her aunt in the dark. 

Police say Jack-Kelly's aunt became aware of the fraud in August 2008 and thought her niece had addressed it until she was called about non-payment on the account in April 2009.

In 2009, Jack-Kelly allegedly used personal information belonging to her father-in-law, Charles Kelly, to open a Capital One credit card to make purchases at Dairy Queen on Oct. 19, Deluxe Donuts and King Gyros on Oct. 24, and Wendy’s on Oct. 28.

She also reportedly used that card to buy flooring from Realty Carpet and to have her eyes checked at Ossip Optometry in Indianapolis.

Frances Kelly told police that her daughter-in-law said she needed Frances' social security number as part of the minister's requirements at Kelli's Sept. 25, 2010, wedding to Frances Kelly's son.

Investigators accuse Jack-Kelly of then opening an American Express card with Frances Kelly's information and using it to pay an AT&T bill in 2011.

Relatives said they were initially unaware that they were victims, because police say Jack-Kelly had all the bills mailed to her home in Indianapolis.

The state's attorney general's office does believe it has a case.

"What's troubling with this is, the victims are family members, and we wanted to do everything we could to make sure that we saw this to completion, that justice was done," Deputy Attorney General (ID theft division) Chuck Taylor said. 

When asked how long she thinks she'd be staying in her orange jumpsuit, the former DJ was optimistic.

"Only temporarily. We're hoping in the next 24 hours that will be taken care of," Jack-Kelly said. 

Sources told the Call 6 Investigators that this may the highest profile identity theft case the office will handle considering the former radio personality arrested.

Jack-Kelly was heard on several Indianapolis stations over the years in DJ and traffic reporting roles.


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