Former state trooper faces new trouble for speeding

Claims Pres. Obama bought him plane ticket

INDIANAPOLIS - Ryan Harmon finds himself back in trouble with the law.

The former Indiana State Trooper was pulled over on Saturday at the Indianapolis airport for speeding.

Airport police clocked him going 62 mph in a 25 mph zone in the lower level.

A police report says when the officer asked Harmon why he was driving so fast he said he was trying to get to the Delta Airlines ticket counter to retrieve an airline ticket purchased for him by the President of the United States.

Harmon also claimed he was a U.S. Marshal, which is not true.

Police add that Harmon’s mother told them that he suffers from bipolar disorder and was taken to Eskenazi Hospital for detention.

Officers at the scene also found marijuana in the vehicle.

During the stop, police said Harmon made threats against law enforcement, allegedly saying, "If I had my gun I would kill everyone with a gun and badge."

On Monday, the Morgan County Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant at Harmon's Martinsville home in connection with those threats. Police said they found no weapons in the home, but did discover gear belonging to the U.S. Marshals Service and the Indiana State Police, as well as marijuana.

This past October, Harmon was working to get convicted former Secretary of State Charlie White a new trial. Harmon said he had cell phone evidence that would show White did not violate Election Law.

In 2011, he resigned from State Police after he was accused of making up a story that a Martinsville City employee sexually battered a woman .

The Morgan County Prosecutor and State Police found the complaint had been fabricated.

In 2010, Harmon was charged in Marion County with leaving the scene of a crash, after he drove his unmarked State Police vehicle into a pair of parked motorcycles .

In the latest incident at the airport this weekend, it’s possible Harmon could face multiple charges including reckless driving, impersonating a police officer, and possession of marijuana. He could face additional charges of possession of stolen property and marijuana from the search of his home.

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