Former superintendent questions IPS findings

IPS leader denies $30 million deficit

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee is looking into the future of IPS and its finances.

He said the district’s previous financial disclosures detailed an inaccurate picture of its budget .

His review of the books show there is no $30 million deficit.

"We'll continue to be more efficient and leaner and continue to align resources with our needs," Ferebee said.

The Call 6 Investigators sat down exclusively with the former leader of IPS, Dr. Eugene White.

"I don't think anything has been discovered. I think the new superintendent has done a good job getting into the numbers. If I had $8 million that's nothing to celebrate at the end of the operating balance," White said.

White served IPS for seven years and during his tenure was forced to make tough budget decisions including cutting staff and closing 15 buildings.

He points out school budgets in Indiana are tough to develop because they are usually done 18 months in advance and fluctuate with the economy.

He says his budgets passed state review and he doesn't expect future plans for outside auditors to find anything out of the ordinary.

"I can assure you multiple audits will come up with the same conclusion it is what it is," White said. "There was no effort there to misappropriate or mismanage money. It was open for the people on the board."

The current school board now faces the balance sheets that will, for now, give them a chance to not be desperate about money.

Ferebee expects to provide school board members and the public with monthly and quarterly reports as early as April.

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