Free tablet offered in cable TV billing scam

Caller urges customer to pay full year's bill

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis cable TV customer has lost hundreds of dollars in a phone scam that used a free Kindle Fire tablet as bait.

A Comcast customer near Eagle Creek Reservoir in northwest Indianapolis told police he received the scam phone call during the afternoon hours earlier this month.

The caller offered a free Kindle Fire, claiming it was part of a promotion for any customer who paid a full year's cable bill in advance.

The 22-year-old customer told police he fell for it, giving the caller his debit card number.

The caller then told him he would need to purchase a pre-paid Moneypak card for $300 and then call a toll-free number to pay the bill.

The man told police he called that number and read the Moneypak card number to the person who answered. That allowed the scammers to immediately drain that money from the pre-paid card.

A Comcast spokeswoman for the Indianapolis area did not return a call seeking information about whether any other customers have been falling for the rip-off.

A police report filed in the case contains the toll-free number, but police have no other leads.

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