Group may force HJR-3 on 2014 ballot

INDIANAPOLIS - A national group that promotes traditional marriage is considering whether to take legal action to force HJR-3 on the Indiana ballot in November 2014.

The measure came to a halt on Monday, when the Senate did not return the bill its original status, in which it would impact civil unions.

The National Organization for Marriage tells RTV6 that they met with the House Speaker Brian Bosma on last Wednesday.

"We are building a coalition of the willing and looking for legislators who are willing to join in this task," said Chris Plante, regional director of NOM.

"We understand it will be heavy lifting, but if we all work together, we believe we have the law on our side. And we believe HJR-3 should go to the people in November 2014 as was promised by legislature on multiple occasions," said Plante.

Freedom Indiana has been the leading group opposing HJR-3.

"The fact is people don't want this issue taken to a constitutional amendment. They don't think it should be done with this issue of same-sex relationships and legal recognition. To me it reeks of desperation," said Freedom Indiana spokeswoman Megan Robertson. "They couldn't get a vote in the House. They couldn't get it in the Senate. The legislative process worked and a court case is trying to go around democracy."

Robertson has been the voice and face of the bi-partisan campaign.

She went on to say about any challenge,"I think they will be unsuccessful."

A spokesperson for Bosma confirms that a member of the National Organization for Marriage met with Bosma at the suggestion of a lawmaker who accompanied the NOM representative.

The spokesperson said the meeting was brief and points out that in the past the Speaker has met with a number of other stakeholders involved in the HJR-3 debate, including Freedom Indiana. 

We reached out to Sen. Mike Delph, but he declined to comment on this story. 

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