High-dollar Russian call girl ring reaches felony court

Woman charged in online 'Natasha' escort ring

INDIANAPOLIS - The Russian immigrant accused of running a high-priced ring of call girls at the Fashion Mall at Keystone at the Crossing has been booked on felony prostitution charges and faced a judge Friday to proclaim her innocence.

The Call 6 Investigators broke the story last week when police said they had broken up a ring of call girls that charged $600 an hour, or $800 for two hours, from an upscale hotel adjoining the Fashion Mall.

Police said Anzhelika Rampone, 29, operated a web site known as “Natasha” that offered secretive escort deals or modeling services, but undercover officers said she was actually arranging high-priced sex dates with several other Russian women.

As Rampone left felony court for her initial appearance on Friday, she said, “no say” when asked if she had anything to say to reporters.

Her attorney, Gary Colasessano, told RTV6 she is absolutely not guilty.

At the time of last week’s arrest, undercover vice officers admitted that they were unable to broker any sex deals with the women on their own, instead relying on an informant who was able to negotiate a sex act for money with one of Rampone’s employees.

Rampone’s attorney said that informant has resulted in a questionable case against his client.  

“He’s pointing fingers at people to save his own skin.  But more importantly, there was no face to face dealings involving my client.  This was all done via e-mail,” Rampone said.

IMPD Vice Squad officers said last week that their informant was not facing any criminal charges himself, but Colasessano is now calling that into question.

“The state’s not going to be able to prove who was sending the e-mails and who was receiving them, and that’s going to be a problem,” Colasessano said.

Police said the Natasha call girl ring had been operating in Indianapolis since last year’s Super Bowl, arranging sex deals with dozens or perhaps hundreds of men.  

“It did appear that they were active in seeing a good number of clients.  This was not something that just happened once or twice,” an undercover vice officer said last week.

The same officer accused Rampone of recruiting other Russian women to come to Indianapolis after becoming U.S. citizens through sham marriages to American men.

One of the suspected employees, Veronika LeBlanc, was booked last week on a misdemeanor charge of prostitution.  She quickly posted bail and is awaiting trial.

Officers confiscated more than $100,000 worth of Russian jewels, a car and $275,000 in cash last week when the group’s Sheraton hotel room and adjoining apartment were raided.

Police said the women would routinely charge $600 per hour, or $800 for two hours, or sometimes thousands of dollars for an entire night or weekend.

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