Homeowners wait for repairs from Veteran Construction

Several people say they are out thousands

INDIANAPOLIS - Angry homeowners were demanding action after they hired an Indianapolis company that failed to fix hail and storm damage.

Residents said they had been waiting weeks or months for repairs and they were fed up with the delays.

In March, Nicole Rennier signed a contract with Veteran Construction to repair hail damage to her home.

Concerned with the delay, she drove to the company’s office on the city’s north side to find the door was locked and the lights were off.

“There’s nothing on my driveway. There is no product, no roofing, no gutters. There’s nothing,” Rennier said. “I wanted it yesterday.”

Rennier said she lost nearly $7,400. She is part of a growing list of people that have reached out to the Call 6 Investigators for help.

In Hancock County, Mark Schrum was still waiting for repairs for storm damage.

Veteran Construction cashed his check for more than $7,000 in June.

Joyce Whiting has an unfinished contract with the company in Greenfield. She said after more than $13,000 later, no work had been done.

In Indianapolis, Doug Pearson had not seen any results after paying more than $3,400 to Veteran Construction.

“It’s disgusting. Where I come from, you abide by a contract,” said Jill McClain, Rennier’s mother.

While videotaping outside Veteran Construction offices, Operations Manager Kurt Beard stepped outside.

“We feel bad about the situation and we are working to get jobs built so customers are not out money," Beard said.

Beard said the company was shutting down and was negotiating with banks and vendors to handle the unfinished jobs.

Beard would not say how many customers were in limbo. He said they will hear from the company soon via mail and they will post something outside their door.

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