IMPD: High-dollar call girl ring raided near Fashion Mall

Police say women charged $600 per hour

INDIANAPOLIS - Charges have been filed against two women in what police call a high-dollar call girl ring that was operating inside an upscale hotel at the Fashion Mall in northeast Indianapolis.

Police said the women charged $600 per hour, $800 for two hours, and sometimes thousands of dollars for an entire night or weekend.  

“That is higher than we generally see in our investigations here locally,” said an undercover IMPD Vice Squad sergeant. “It did appear that they were active in seeing a good number of clients. This was not something that just happened once or twice.”

Felony charges of promotion of prostitution were filed against Anzhelika Rampon, the accused madam who used the name “Natasha.”

Police said she operated a website that also included the name “Natasha,” offering modeling or escort services.   

“The website was fairly general, talking about kind of vague services, whether it be escort or modeling or a couple different advertisements on different websites,” the undercover officer told the Call 6 Investigators.

Police said they arrested one of the Russian women who was part of the ring on a misdemeanor count of prostitution. She was identified as Veronika LeBlanc, and police wrote in court papers that she refused to answer their questions about the call girl ring when she was arrested.

Officers said she agreed to meet a man at the Sheraton Hotel, which is located inside the Fashion Mall complex off East 82 Street near Keystone at the Crossing.  After taking money from the man, police said she agreed to a sex act.

LeBlanc was a tenant in the apartment known as “Residences” adjoining the Sheraton Hotel, police said, but she has now been evicted.  She posted bail to be released from jail.

The suspected madam is believed to be in California, but police said she would be arrested if she is found in Indianapolis. Officers said they were also trying to obtain a warrant that would make her subject to extradition from California or anywhere else.

A search warrant was obtained by police for a Chase Bank safety deposit box, located less than a block away from the Sheraton Hotel.  

Police wrote in their reports that they seized more than $100,000 in Russian jewelry, owned by the suspected madam, that was in the box. Police also confiscated a car and $275,000 in cash. Officers say it all came from money that was earned through the prostitution ring.

“This was an enterprise that had been operating for some time,” the undercover vice officer said, adding that the ring might have been in town since last year’s Super Bowl.

On the Natasha website, police located a picture of a woman in a bikini, describing her appearance and her numerous college degrees. The web pages also focused on her visits and modeling or “escort” services in other cities.

Police also found numerous rating websites, where customers left feedback or rating scores for the women who were part of the call girl ring. Officers said that added credibility to the ring, assuring customers that sex was for sale without any police interference or a trap.

“They are certainly willing and have the means to pay for what they believe to be privacy and anonymity, so there’s a draw and an allure toward being able to participate in something and they don’t think anybody’s going to find out,” said the undercover sergeant.

He told Call 6 Investigators that records were seized showing that other women were part of the ring, but those women have not been located.

The sergeant said all of the women apparently became U.S. citizens by marrying older men, including one man in Indianapolis, and then moving away and living apart from the man shortly after the sham marriage was made official.

He said all of the women apparently came from Russia willingly to work in the prostitution ring.

Security guards with Simon Properties, the owner of the Fashion Mall, confronted a Call 6 Investigators camera crew, saying that the hotel and all the property around it belonged to the mall owners.

Police said their investigation into the call girl ring was still under way, with officers analyzing smartphones, computers and other items seized from LeBlanc’s arrest.

The undercover sergeant who led the case said the suspected madam paid for an attorney when LeBlanc was arrested, but she had not been informed that a felony arrest warrant is out for her as well.


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