Indy man ripped off twice after requesting refund from Craigslist purchase

Xbox didn't work, was stolen after refund request

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man has reported to police that he was ripped off twice after trying to buy an Xbox 360 from a Craigslist ad.

The man said he replied to an ad on July 1 and paid $150 to buy an Xbox 360 from a couple.

After meeting the couple, he said he took the game system home and realized that it did not work.

When he called the same phone number from the ad back, he told police that the seller agreed to meet up with him to either fix the machine or give him a refund.

The buyer then arrived at an apartment complex off Madison Avenue, just south of Interstate 465 South, on Thursday evening to meet the seller again.

He told police that the seller tinkered with the device for a while, but then stated that he couldn’t fix it.  Police said the man claimed he was going back into the apartment building to retrieve the refund.

Instead, police said the seller took off from the back door of the apartment building, taking the buyer’s cash and the gaming machine.

The victim has provided police with the names given by the couple, as well as their phone number.

He told police the seller stopped answering his phone after the scam.

No arrests were reported in the case, but the victim told police he either wants a refund or a working Xbox 360.

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