IndyGo offers makeup for winter outage, if riders ask

Riders complained of paying for canceled rides

INDIANAPOLIS - Riders are being offered makeup passes from the two-day winter storm outage that idled IndyGo buses earlier this month.

The bus service halted its routes for two day on Jan. 6 and Jan. 7 as the city was gripped by nearly a foot of snow, prompting complaints to the Call 6 Investigators after service had resumed.

One rider said he had paid for a 31-day pass to get to his job every day, but when he asked about extending his pass to make up for the lost days of service he was turned away.

“They’re making money on this,” the man said.

He and other passengers told the Call 6 Investigators it seemed unfair to collect money for passes that could not be used if their passes included the two days that bus services were suspended.

“That ain’t right,” said one passenger as he was waiting for a bus along East Washington Street after normal service was restored.

When the Call 6 Investigators contacted IndyGo, spokesman Bryan Luellen pointed out that bus passes are non-refundable and therefore severe weather cancellations do not entitle pass holders to extra days of access to the bus system.

However, he said executive staff members decided the bus service would offer two additional days, but only if riders ask for it at the IndyGo retail center at 34 N. Delaware St. by Friday at 6 p.m. The passes will not automatically be extended for riders who do not request it.

“If a customer brings a time-stamped, eligible 31-day or 7-day bus pass to the IndyGo retail center….Indygo staff will make good for the two days of lost service by providing eligible customers with two day passes,” Luellen wrote in an email.

He said riders must prove they had a pass that was paid for and valid for the two days of the weather outage.

“Due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding this bout of severe weather, IndyGo management have decided to grant up to two day passes for certain IndyGo customers,” he wrote.

Luellen said IndyGo was following the lead of the City of Indianapolis to suspend bus service on those two days for the safety of their employees and riders.

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