IPL seeks rate hike to help cover cost of new electric car program

INDIANAPOLIS - Officials with Indianapolis Power & Light Company are asking state regulators for a rate increase to help cover the costs of a new electric car sharing program.

Even Hoosiers who do not participate in the program could end up paying $5.28 to cover the cost of the new program, officials said.

The city's partnership with France-based Bollore Group will bring about 500 electric cars to Indianapolis.They will be powered at 200 charging stations across the city.

The entire program will cost $16 million and IPL is asking state regulators for a rate hike to cover that cost.

If IPL can't recoup the money through the programs' users, then everyone would be asked to chip in about 44 cents per month on their IPL bill. That wouldn't kick in until January 2018.

"It’s a small amount but it’s going to make the city a much more inviting place and a welcoming place moving forward," Marc Lotter, spokesman for Mayor Ballard, said.

The city may have to move 200 parking meters to make way for the charging stations. The city will try to recover $2 million in revenue over 10 years by moving the displaced meters to other downtown locations.

The first electric vehicles will be ready for test drives next month and the first sharing site is under construction on Washington Street along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

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