Judge issues order to vacate Harmony Park Place Apartments

INDIANAPOLIS - A judge has issued an order for all residents to vacate the Harmony Park Place Apartments and ruled that  the living conditions were unfit for humans.

The apartment complex is located near 39th Street and Emerson Avenue.

After a water main break weeks ago at Harmony Park Place, maintenance workers draped a garden hose from Enoch Lindsay’s living room to his kitchen.

On Wednesday, Lindsay said he still didn’t have water and was ready to get out.

Almost every day, Lindsay, an independent 85-year-old, takes two empty containers to a relative's home to get a day's worth of water.

It is a six-mile round trip and he said it is not the way he wants to live.

"I hate it. What can I do, they won't fix the place," Lindsay said.    
The Marion County Health Department is worried about the tenants because of the lack of water, the uncollected trash and the broken windows.

"They haven't made any repairs, we've been asking for months and they take our money," tenant Kevin Jones said.

The owner of the complex, Ray Stanley of Illinois, must make repairs by Feb. 25 or he will lose all of his tenants.

Stanley is one of many out-of-state landlords at odds with city regulators.

Others landlords in the bull's-eye include the owner of Heather Ridge Apartments, who is also based out of Illinois. The city prosecutor said the property is a drain on public safety with about 300 police visits every year since 2008.

Also in trouble is the La Esmeralda Apartments. Its Massachusetts-based owner is facing fines for unsafe living conditions.

"It's time to shut down. If you can't keep it up, shut it down," Lindsay said. He said he will start packing soon.

Officials said the health department doesn't know how many people will be forced out as a result. The department is working on putting a team together to assist residents who will need to move out.

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