Man accused of stealing neighbors' rent checks, depositing them into his own account

Checks missing from box at Coppertree Apartments

SPEEDWAY, Ind. - Police have launched an investigation into missing rent checks at a Speedway apartment complex after those checks started showing up in a resident's bank account.

Chase Bank security workers have frozen the account of one resident at the Coppertree Apartments on Fair Oaks Drive, after police said stolen rent checks from the night deposit box started being deposited into the man's account.  

Bank fraud investigators notified police because all the checks were still made out to the apartment complex when they were deposited into the man's account.

Police were called to the apartment complex this week, where they contacted the residents whose checks had been deposited into their neighbor's account.  

Officers said the three residents had no clue that their rent payments had not made it to their landlord.

As Speedway police officers were filling out their report this week, they found out that the suspect had also called police to complain that his bank account had been frozen. 

In his report, he told officers the account had been frozen due to a fraudulent withdrawal attempt.

Officers had not yet located and questioned the suspect when they filed their report this week.

He could face felony charges of theft or forgery after police gather the evidence they need from the bank and the apartment complex.

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