Marsh worker accused of handing nearly $6K in gift cards to pals

Charges considered against store worker

INDIANAPOLIS - A criminal investigation has been launched into a grocery store worker after nearly $6,000 worth of gift cards were activated and handed out during his overnight shift on Broad Ripple Avenue at Keystone Avenue.

Police were called to the northeast Indianapolis store after security workers started tracing the origin of $5871.40 worth of gift card transactions on a weekend overnight shift.

Security workers told police they realized that no cash was taken in when the Visa gift cards were activated, so they rewound store security camera recordings to view what unfolded.

Police said two men are seen talking to the 20-year-old store employee at 4:40 a.m. and then again 15 minutes later as the worker rang up seven different transactions for those cards.

In all, police said 12 Visa gift cards were activated and given to those two men, even though records show the store received no payment for activating those gift cards.

By the time police were called, officers said several of the activated gift cards had already been spent or redeemed for cash.

No charges were immediately filed, but officers were gathering the security camera video and other evidence so that criminal charges could be considered by prosecutors.

The police report does not reflect whether the employee has already been fired.

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