McDonald's worker claims colleague molested her on job

Managers won't say whether ex-con remains on job

INDIANAPOLIS - A criminal investigation has been launched into a McDonald's employee on the south side of Indianapolis, after a colleague told police she was sexually groped and fondled on three different shifts at work.

The 48-year-old Indianapolis woman told police she was bent over while cooking or washing dishes when each event happened in the 5400 block of South East Street.

She also told police that she alerted her bosses each time, and yet the workplace attacks continued.

Police identified the suspect in the case as a recently released prison inmate, participating in a work release program.

Police wrote in their report that the first sexual battery happened on July 10 when the woman’s 29-year-old colleague approached her from behind and pressed himself against her back side. She said he moved his own groin around to her front side and groped between her legs, pushing her so hard against the stainless steel sink that she was unable to get away from him.

She told police that she felt pinned against the sink, unable to move for three to four seconds.

The woman claims she immediately reported the event to her supervisor, and yet a second similar encounter happened just two days later.

This time, she said the man told her, “I’ll have some of that” as she was bending over a counter. After touching her for three to four seconds, she told police she once again reported the event to that same supervisor.

She also told police that her supervisor then mentioned having seen the security camera footage of one of the encounters, and yet the victim said it happened a third time just two days after the most recent event.

The victim told police that she screamed and told the man to get away each time.

Police wrote in their report that they confirmed the identity of the coworker, and determined that he lives at a work-release center for ex-cons who have recently been released from prison.

A search of Indiana Department of Corrections records showed he had served time at the Putnam Correctional Facility for a conviction of criminal recklessness.

On Friday afternoon, police said they had not made any arrests in the new case, but detectives were beginning their investigation.

The McDonald's is owned by a franchisee named Andi Incorporated. The general manager declined to comment.

"Providing a respectful work environment is a priority for all of our employees. We take this matter seriously and are investigating this further," the franchise owner said in a statement.

Police said it was unclear whether the suspect had been removed from the job or disciplined in any way.

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