Monroe County auditor theft case moved to Owen County

Amy Gerstman facing 7 felony charges

MONROE COUNTY, Ind. - The case against a former Monroe County Auditor charged with seven felonies has been moved to Owen County.

Special prosecutor Barry Brown told Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney the judge moved the case involving Amy Gerstman because of a potential conflict of interest with Monroe County judges.

Brown told Kenney he did not think the new location would have an impact on the outcome of the case.

“I’m confident this will settle and will not go to trial,” Brown said. “(Owen County) is far enough away, the facts are isolated, and there’s enough distance the separation will create a more equitable procedure."

Gerstman served as the Monroe County auditor from 2009 to 2012.

As the Call 6 Investigators reported in May, Gerstman was charged with seven felonies, including six counts of theft and one count of official misconduct, in connection with personal purchases made on her county-issued Visa credit card.

Court documents accuse Gerstman of using taxpayer money for women's clothing, airline tickets and hotel accommodations for a personal trip to Key West, Fla., school tuition for her children at Harmony School and her Indiana University Alumni Association membership dues.

As the Call 6 Investigators reported in June 2012, some called for Gerstman's resignation after a State Board of Accounts audit revealed she used county credit cards to charge thousands of dollars in personal expenses.

Gerstman did not resign and was allowed to serve her entire four-year term.

According to court documents, Gerstman submitted a claim for a $2,500 trip to New York for a training session, but failed to register for the training.

Gerstman reimbursed the county for at least some of the expenses, county leaders said.

Barry Brown told Kenney Tuesday he is still trying to determine exactly how much money is missing and how much has been reimbursed.

Gerstman is set for a pre-trial hearing Feb. 14 in Owen County.

Owen Circuit Judge Lori Quillen will take over the case.

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