Mr. Quik makes deal with state on consumer complaints

Company to improve transparency, record-keeping

INDIANAPOLIS - The state investigation into Mister Quik is over.

The owners of Indy Connection Electrical Contractors, better known as Mister Quik, have a agreed to take several steps to address consumer complaints.

The company and the attorney general’s office signed a consent agreement that will require the company to be more transparent with consumers and maintain better records in the event of future complaints.

The judgment, finalized Wednesday, removes a shadow from the company that has been at odds with the attorney general for several months.

There have been complaints of the company overcharging customers or unnecessarily replacing parts, but Mister Quik denied those allegations.

Court documents say the company has agreed that any part it replaces will be available to customers for 72 hours after the work is done in the event a homeowner wants to challenge the work.

Mister Quik will also take before and after pictures of repair jobs over $1,000 or jobs involving the replacement of an electrical panel, water heater, furnace, air conditioner or water softener.

The state is also expecting the company to maintain documentation as to why consumers called and to keep notes of the findings that led to a repair or replacement.

Mister Quik will also pay up $50,000 -- $11,137.90 will pay three people restitution, and more than $35,000 will go into the state’s consumer protection fund.

The agreement will be in force for the next two years, and it does not mean the company admits to any wrongdoing or violation of state laws.

President of Mister Quik Home Services Brad Huff released the following statement:

"We are pleased with the agreement reached with the Indiana Attorney General and to have resolved the two consumer complaints at hand. With the over 20,000 Hoosier homeowners we serviced in 2013, our record of excellence in customer service remains unchanged, as does our pricing model of charging flat fees rather than hourly rates. And as always, Mister Quik will continue to comply with Indiana law, along with the extra documentation procedures now required of us. Our company and employees look forward to providing fast, accurate and reliable service in 2014 for our customers."

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