New victim, new charges in YMCA voyeurism case

Fourth victim says she was spied on in YMCA shower

INDIANAPOLIS - New charges have been lodged against an Indianapolis man, as a fourth young victim now tells police he spied on her in the shower at a local YMCA branch.

The Call 6 Investigators reported on the arrest of Derrick Shane Moss, 28, in February.

As Moss stood before a Marion County felony court judge on Thursday morning, prosecutors revealed they were adding new charges against him because police had located a fourth young victim who claims he spied on her as she was taking a shower.

The story broke in November when a 7-year-old girl and a 10-year-old girl said they spotted a man peeking around a corner at them as they were showering at the Arthur Jordan YMCA branch in the 8400 block of Westfield Boulevard.

Police wrote in court papers that at least one other patron had alerted YMCA staff to possible spying in the shower days before police were called for the incident with the two girls. The staff did not call police or alert patrons, police said, because staff was unable to locate a man matching the peeping Tom’s description.

The YMCA issued a statement to the Call 6 Investigators saying prompt action was taken when staff was alerted, adding that the man has now been barred from entering any YMCA in the Indianapolis area.

The first case to reach police was the report involving the 7-year-old and 10-year-old girls, one of whom was naked when she said the man was spotted looking at her. She told police the man motioned with his finger over his mouth as if he was asking her to remain quiet about him spying on her.

When officers started investigating those girls’ claims, police obtained computer data showing exactly who had swiped their membership cards to enter the building at the time the girls were approached. They also obtained surveillance video, when officers learned the same man had been recorded entering the same child and family shower area at least eight times in the month before police were called.

Prosecutors had computer discs of those surveillance pictures on the desk before them in court Thursday morning.

Moss is charged with three misdemeanor counts of voyeurism, while also being charged with felony counts of theft.

Each of the theft counts involves instances where police said Moss grabbed the bathing suits or underwear of the little girls he was spying on.

Prosecutors told the Call 6 Investigators on Thursday that a new count of theft had been added to the case because another child said he had stolen her clothing as he was spying on her in the same shower. Police said she was in the shower at the same time as the original two girls, but they did not learn about her until after the original charges had already been filed in the case.

Moss said nothing in court on Thursday. He has pleaded not guilty and when he was reached by the Call 6 Investigators shortly after his arrest, he said, "I’m not able to speak to anybody about what’s going on."

He has posted bail and was released from jail shortly after his arrest.

As police were searching his apartment in northwest Indianapolis, detectives said they learned it was not the first time Moss had been suspected of similar behavior.

A police report was filed in 2012 when a 28-year-old resident of his apartment complex reported that he had stolen 10 pair of Victoria Secret underwear from her while she was doing her laundry in the facility at their complex.

Detectives wrote in court papers that he had been evicted from the complex after that incident, with apartment managers saying he was caught on video stealing other tenants’ panties. Apartment managers said they did not call police because he was leaving the complex.

When police hauled him in for questioning about the YMCA incidents, detectives said he admitted to stealing the girls’ underwear from the shower but he denied looking at them. He said their underwear could be found under his bed at his new apartment.

"He told me that he had over 100 pairs of women’s underwear in his bedroom," the detective wrote in a court filing.

Detectives wrote in their filing that surveillance video showed Moss entering the women’s locker room shower for three minutes on one occasion. When he exited, police said it appeared he may have been wearing one of his victims’ bras.  

"When he exited, Derrick Moss appeared to have breasts -- there was something underneath his shirt that looked like two distinct breasts," the detective wrote.

He told officers that he was entering the shower of the YMCA to look at a woman who was in her late 20s. He claimed that adult woman approached him wearing only a towel and asking if she could help him with anything.

While denying he was looking at any children in the shower, police said he did admit to following a young woman into the shower because he "liked what he saw."

Prosecutors said the original charges against Moss involved victims who were children, and the new charge that was filed on Thursday also involves a victim who is a minor.

A new court date has been scheduled

for May.

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