No prison for sex offender who tried to chat with victim

Judge says future lapse will send man to prison

INDIANAPOLIS - A registered sex offender has avoided a trip to prison despite an admission that he tried to chat with his victim by phone.

The Call 6 Investigators first reported on the arrest of Shawn Piercefield, 26, on Tuesday after probation officers visited his west Indianapolis trailer for a routine checkup.

Piercefield was on probation after pleading guilty in December for soliciting a child, who is now 15 years old. Under terms of his probation, he was not permitted to access the Internet or have any contact with the child.

Probation officers found evidence that he did both, according to a police report filed in the case.

Police said a smartphone was found during the routine search of his trailer, and officers then found text messages in which Piercefield asked a friend to set up a phony account on Kik, a mobile messaging app, so that he could contact the 15-year-old victim in his case.

The friend responded that he would set up that Kik account, but police said they weren’t sure whether Piercefield had actually contacted the child.

After his arrest, Piercefield faced a Marion County criminal court judge this week and admitted he violated the terms of his probation.

The judge could have sent him to state prison for all or part of his original four-year sentence from last year’s conviction. Instead, after ruling that he had violated his probation, she gave him a stern warning.

Court records indicate the judge advised Piercefield that any future violations of his probation would result in his being sent to prison.

Piercefield was ordered released from jail on Thursday to continue serving his probation.

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