Pancake House could lose liquor permit after police bust underage party with 80 kids in March

Business operating on temporary permit

INDIANAPOLIS - Neighbors are pushing for the city to pull the liquor permit for a pancake house where police busted an underage party earlier this year.

More than 80 underage kids, some as young as 13 years old, were found drinking inside the Early Bird Bar & Grill, also known as the Pancake House, in the 8300 block of North Michigan Road early on a Saturday morning in March, police said.

This week, the owner of the establishment, Adrian Tamayo, failed to show up at a hearing before the Alcoholic Beverage Board of Marion County regarding the status of his liquor permit.

Neighbors were furious after Tamayo said he rented out his business for the March party.

"The alcohol permit is a privilege. It is not a right," said Susan Blair with the nearby Pike Township Residents Association.

"It blew my mind. This is ridiculous," said Shel Polzin with nearby Westchester Estates Homeowners Association. "There is no way Pancake House should have an alcohol permit."

Police said the Pancake House was warned in January about renting out its space to outside groups for parties that could jeopardize it permit.

At the March party, 80 minors were arrested on charges of being in a tavern, and more than a dozen were charged in connection with illegal consumption or possession of alcohol.

"I'm against 13 year olds having a party where alcohol is available," said Sgt. William Carter with Indianapolis police. "We don't feel the location should have privilege to serve alcohol." 

The Pancake House is operating on an extended temporary alcohol permit, which expires June 8. It's unlikely to be renewed by county regulator until the case is settled.

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