Parents arrested after toddler found wandering near State Fair

Parents charged with felony neglect of dependent

INDIANAPOLIS - Police have arrested an Indianapolis couple after their 3-year-old girl was found wandering near the Indiana State Fair wearing only a soiled diaper.

State Police were on routine patrol in the campground area of the state fairgrounds off East 42nd Street during the lunch hour Saturday when a fair visitor reported finding the girl.

Police said the girl was barefoot and wearing only a soiled diaper as she wandered near a fence at the campground.

Officers started knocking on the doors of trailers to see if any of the campers would claim the child, but no one stepped forward.

A state police motor carrier inspection officer was flagged down in a nearby apartment complex around the same time, when he was flagged down by the child’s father. Police said that Johan Robinson, 29, told officers that the child had wandered out of the apartment.

Police then realized that they had gotten a call earlier this month, where the same child was reported having been found wandering in an apartment complex near the fairgrounds on Marcy Lane.

The parents told police that they planned to add new locks to their door to prevent their daughter from wandering away in the future, officers wrote in their report. The child was missing for two hours in that prior episode, officers said. She was found wandering near the apartment office, again wearing only a diaper, according to the officer who handled the first call this month.

This time around, Robinson told police that he was asleep with his wife when they realized their little girl was missing again.

Robinson was arrested on a felony count of neglect of a dependent, as was the child’s mother, Lindsay Minkner, 30. Both were booked into the Marion County Jail.

Police said the couple’s apartment complex was located about 600 yards away from the camping area of the state fairgrounds.

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