Pep Boys worker accused in $1K cash register scam

Employee accused of phony returns

INDIANAPOLIS - A police investigation has been launched into an employee at a northwest Indianapolis Pep Boys , after the store computer pumped nearly $1,000 into her bank account.

Police were called to the store in the 4500 block of Lafayette Road after the fraud was discovered.

The auto repair chain’s fraud investigators told police they noticed a pattern of transactions in which it appeared that customers were returning items for refunds, but numerous transactions were linked to a single bank account.

Investigators told police that the 20-year-old female employee had apparently been grabbing random items off the shelves when her coworkers weren’t looking. Those items were then scanned as if a customer was returning them for refunds, and the employee swiped her own debit card to send that money directly into her checking account.

The transactions added up to $992.91, police wrote in their report.

Investigators handed over records to police, showing that the transactions started in March and continued until at least June 13, when the scheme was discovered.

Police were not told whether the employee has since been fired, and two managers at the store had no comment when a reporter approached.

Those company representatives told police they do want to prosecute the employee, but no charges have yet been filed in the case as police gather their evidence for prosecutors.

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