Police investigate after mom suffers burns on 90 percent of body

Investigators don't know who, what set fire

ANDERSON, Ind. - Police are trying to determine if someone set a Madison County mother of five on fire.

On July 10, Melanie Lyons was in her Anderson apartment when her husband called police for help at 1 a.m.

Her husband told police that he put out a fire and needed an ambulance for a burn victim.

Lyons’ family said 90 percent of her body was burned. Her leg was amputated and the fire took her finger tips off.

Anderson police told the Call 6 Investigators that they were working with the Indiana State Police to evaluate evidence that was removed from the home.

Investigators are trying to figure out who or what caused the fire.

Police said Lyons may have suffered from depression and had upcoming plans to testify in a criminal case.

Her family was leaving the investigation into what happened to police while they focused on Lyons’ recovery.

Family members said she was finally breathing on her own and starting to show signs of improvement.

Police hope to speak to Lyons soon to move their investigation forward.

Her family is planning a fundraiser at the Grandview Golf Course in Anderson from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Oct. 19.

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