Police seek Zionsville man after Craigslist ad leads to rape at gunpoint

Victim held captive, raped in car and hotel

INDIANAPOLIS - Police have begun searching for a 19-year-old Zionsville man, accused of raping a woman at gunpoint after responding to the victim’s ad on Craigslist.

The woman told Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers that she met the man for the first time last week, after corresponding with him since November online.

She told police the man had replied to an ad she posted, which read that she was seeking "emo boys 18-24 yrs old.”

“Emo” is a slang term used to describe young people who display emotional qualities, often accompanied by a dark or “goth” style of dress.

The victim said she had been corresponding online with the man since he answered that ad around Thanksgiving, and then she agreed to meet him at a McDonald's in the 3000 block of Southeastern Avenue near Rural Street in southeast Indianapolis.

The trouble started, she said, when she agreed to buy the man some food and he convinced her to let him drive her to a different nearby restaurant in the woman’s car.

She said they ordered food together and, as the attacker ate, he showed the woman a gun and told her she’d be harmed if she did not “go along with things,” officers wrote in their report.

The woman said the attacker drove her to a secluded area in the country and then started kissing and biting her neck and her lip.

After forcing her to have sex in the car, the man then drove the woman to a hotel on East Washington Street. The woman told officers he told her to pretend she was his girlfriend as they were checking in, otherwise, she would be hurt.

The woman told police she was afraid to leave after the forced sexual encounters, and she pointed out that the attacker had needle marks from drug use on his ankles and feet. She said he was using drugs during the entire ordeal, which then continued into the next day.

Officers wrote that the drug-fueled rapist then started making plans to cover his tracks when the woman was cut loose.

The victim said he told her to brush her teeth and wash herself with soap and a washcloth, an apparent effort to remove his DNA and evidence from her body. He then told her, “that if she ever reported this to the police he would kill her and everyone she loves,” officers wrote in their report.

She described the rapist as a skinny 6-foot-tall male with a mullet-style haircut, brown eyes and a large nose. He was wearing a gray collared shirt and black knee-length pants during the ordeal.

The woman told police that the attacker only decided to let her go because he ran out of drugs, mostly pain killers and heroin.

Once the woman escaped, she told police she visited two different hospitals to report the attack. She said the first hospital turned her away because they did not have a nurse on staff who could handle sexual assault exams. She then went to St. Vincent Hospital, where she had a rape kit examination performed.

Police have retrieved the evidence from that rape kit, as well as the receipt from the hotel where the woman said most of the attack occurred.

She told officers she continues to fear for her life because the attacker knows where she lives.

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