Police: Smartphone scam losses top $400k

Two Walmart employees accused

INDIANAPOLIS - Two Indianapolis Walmart employees have been arrested for an alleged scheme in which police said they were selling hundreds of expensive cellphones at deep discounts and then pocketing the money.

The workers are accused of manipulating cash register transactions to sell $700 Galaxy smart phones at pennies on the dollar, and then activating each phone using fraudulent names and addresses. Losses were estimated to top $400,000 in just the past two months.

Trista Perry, 27, and Rachel Cash, 25, were each jailed this week on felony fraud charges, and police said more arrests are expected.

Both women are accused of lining up sale after sale and then collecting cash from the register at the end of each shift.

Loss prevention workers at Walmart became suspicious, police said, due to the high number of cellphone contracts being activated during each of their shifts.

When confronted about the scam, police said both women admitted to pocketing thousands of dollars at the end of each shift. Officers wrote in their arrest report that the women both said the money was just too good to pass up, with each of them needing money for bills and to care for their children.

Police declined to release their mug shots, saying more arrests were in the works.

Officers were unsure at this stage in their criminal investigation about whether any of the cellphones that were activated through the scam would now be turned off and deactivated.

The arrest report spelled out that a third person, a 19-year-old man who does not work at Walmart, was also jailed on felony charges for helping to arrange some of the transactions. Officers confiscated a load of the Galaxy cellphones from that man’s car when the scam was broken up this week.

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