Police: Thieves paid $100 to steal from Menards lumber yard

Store security guards blocked men's exit

INDIANAPOLIS - Two men were arrested at a Menards store after security guards said they slipped a worker $100 to allow them into a lumber yard.

Both men were arrested after 6 p.m. on Monday at the Menards in the 6800 block of Pendleton Pike on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

A worker who was manning the lumber yard gate told police that both men tried to enter using a bogus receipt. When the worker realized that the paperwork was phony, she said the men offered her $100 to allow them through the gate anyway, police wrote in their report.

Once inside the lumber yard, the worker notified security and the pair was spotted loading two water heaters into their box truck, along with nearly $1,700 worth of vinyl siding.

Security guards told police that the men had first offered the $100 to a different employee inside the store, but then offered the cash to the second worker at the gate when that didn't work.

A security guard blocked the gate with his vehicle and detained the two men when they tried to drive the loaded box truck off the lot, police said.

A third man, who was in the truck with them, was able to run away but the other two men were handcuffed by security when police arrived.

Felony charges of theft and receiving stolen property were filed against Marqus Hardiman and Kem Hardiman, both 21 of Indianapolis.

Security guards told police that the men hadn't paid for any of the goods that they loaded into their truck.

Police recovered the loot and confiscated the $100 bill that was given to the gate worker.

Officers said the box truck had been rented by the man who got away, so he could be arrested as well after officers obtain the rental paperwork and locate him.

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