Realtor's license revoked, ordered to pay up

Garden found in violation of 26 real estate rules

INDIANAPOLIS - A real estate agent was stripped of his license and ordered to pay thousands of dollars Wednesday.

Dave Garden, the man behind Garden Realty, Five Star Realty and Star Homes is no longer licensed to sell real estate.

The Call 6 Investigators exposed Garden's business practices back in November 2012.

In 2013, Garden said he was a victim of lies, but as of Wednesday, Garden can no longer practice real estate after state regulators revoked his license.

"By committing fraud you are ripping off people, by not revealing criminal convictions on your application, fraud to maintain your license," Deputy Attorney General Paul Schilling said.

Kenneth McCalep said he has been through a swing of emotions since he hired Garden's company to sell his home in October 2011.

Much to his surprise, the veteran found his house in foreclosure.

"There was a couple of times that we verbally, almost physically got into it. I turned to the man upstairs," McCalep said.

While Wednesday’s decision may assist a few families, it won't help William or Kathleen Williams. They're still waiting for Garden to refund more than $500.

He rented them a home that at the time wasn't even livable.

Williams, who is awaiting a lung transplant, said the experience was so bad and so overwhelming that he almost committed suicide.

Regulators said Garden was in violation of 26 Indiana real estate rules. He was slapped with a fine of $26,000 and has to pay $15,000 in restitution to the victims.

Garden’s lawyers said they will appeal the decision.

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