Repeat sex offender Wesley Eugene Marshall arrested after admissions in lie detector test, FBI says

FBI: Marshall, 31, caught with new sexual images

INDIANAPOLIS - A repeat sex offender who's spent time in prison for child pornography has been arrested again after admitting to new crimes during a routine lie detector test, authorities said

FBI agents said Wesley Eugene Marshall, 31, was given a polygraph test as a condition of his parole from past crimes. His answers allowed him to pass the polygraph test, but FBI agents said his admissions prompted them to find new sexual images of children on his computer.

Marshall served time in prison for past child pornography convictions, dating back to 2011 in Hamilton County. Court records show he was living in Carmel when he was caught with indecent images of children, resulting in his spending 128 days in prison. 

During that investigation, FBI agents wrote that he admitted to being sexually attracted to children and having a collection of child pornography in a photo album and on various computer storage devices. When he was released from prison, he was placed on probation for 915 days.

As part of his probation restrictions, he was required to undergo polygraph exams in which he was asked about his behavior and whether he had violated any of the terms of his probation.

Agents wrote in court documents that Marshall sat down for the lie detector test on Sunday, April 21, admitting that he had violated his probation by viewing additional child pornography over the past six months. Agents said he admitted to viewing child pornography the day before his lie detector test.

While the polygraph examiner noted that he passed his test without lying, probation officials alerted Indiana State Police, who then descended on Marshall's apartment on Devonshire Court, near 86th Street and Ditch Road in northeast Indianapolis.

Marshall handed over a Play Station gaming console, a desktop computer and several memory devices. 

Police said they found several images of child pornography loaded onto the devices, including some images that depicted infants being sexually abused.  

Police said other images involved girls that appeared to be 3 years old, ranging up to 9 years of age in various sexual scenarios with adults.

Marshall is listed in Indiana's Sex Offender Registry for his 2011 conviction, and agents wrote in their court papers that he had also been investigated for past child pornography allegations in Carmel back in 2009, but no charges were filed in that case.

Marshall's criminal rap sheet also includes a 2002 conviction for check deception in Clinton County and a felony theft conviction from Hamilton County in 2009.

Federal law allows for tougher child pornography sentences for people who have prior convictions for the same crime, which means Marshall could get a mandatory 10-year term in federal prison, ranging up to 20 years behind bars.

Agents pointed out that, as part of his parole restrictions, Marshall was barred from accessing the Internet through a computer or cellphone or any other electronic device.

His parole restrictions also barred his being alone with children, but agents wrote that Marshall also admitted in his lie detector test that he had recently been alone with several children during a recent birthday party at a relative's house. Agents wrote that he said he had not touched any of the children.

In another admission from his polygraph exam, agents said he admitted to owning several "sex dolls" that were not of normal size, causing him to be reminded of children.  

He is also accused of admitting to visiting pornography sites online one or two times a month. 

He also told the polygraph examiner that he would access the child pornography stores on his computers at least one or two times a week.

Marshall was arrested and appeared Thursday before a federal magistrate judge in Indianapolis. He was ordered to remain behind bars.

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