Reserves make unwelcome house calls

Public pressure used to get fugitives to surrender

INDIANAPOLIS - There's a constant search for people who refuse to make a court appearance or are running from the law, people who may pose a danger to your neighborhood and your safety

Marion County Sheriff's Department reserves are among the men and women tasked with finding those in hiding.

Often, people running from the law will list the address of a parent or friend in an effort to evade discovery.

Reserve deputies have found that making multiple stops to those addresses with a full show of force, including police cars and a jail van, places pressure on people to demand from their wanted relative to voluntarily surrender to police.

RTV6 recently rode with the reserves for several evenings. Homeowners subject to police searches declined to go on camera, but many expressed their frustration with their wanted relative and the embarrassment of having police in their driveway.

"We tell the family member, 'Listen, the reason we are here is that your loved one has an outstanding warrant. Unfortunately, we will come back until she turns herself in,'" said Bob Smith, commander of the Marion County reserves. "They will encourage them to do it. I will tell you why they do, because they don't want the inconvenience of us coming back. That's what it is."

Smith said that in his 20 years of experience with the reserves, family and friends don't want their loved one hurt and want them, for the most part, to face up to the outstanding warrant.

During one of our stops with the reserves, a working mother was caught off guard that her home address was used by a relative wanted for theft and driving while intoxicated.

The woman, who asked us not to reveal her name, asked police if the arrest warrant was bad.

"They're always bad," Smith told her.

The woman told Smith, "If I find out (where she is), can you give me you a card and I’ll tell her to turn herself in or do something."

In a special report Friday on RTV6 at 11 p.m., Call 6 Investigator Rafael Sanchez goes #behindthebadge to talk to those who risk their lives for free. 

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